giclee on paper, 30"x 40"

This is a print of an oil painting. The image is printed approximately 30" x 40" but comes on an 34" x 44" sheet with a white border for framing. It is printed on cotton paper with archival quality giclee inks.

limited edition of 50


This piece is from a series represents what I found while researching my ancestry: repetition, consistency, veiled connections, endless succession, commitment, diligence, and duty. In the process of creating my work, I have sought to represent these themes. I use meditative and repetitive processes of art making to honor my ancestry visually. Methodical processes also underscore the connection my work has to traditional women’s work—like quilting—as well as daily family rituals, ceremony and pursuing genealogical research. The use of patterns and layers references the process of uncovering our ancestry and regaining connections to our progenitors.

My work also explores the idea that I am but one of a string of genetically linked individuals. This notion has profound implications; that events give birth to events, changes to changes, and actions to actions; that I am but part of a grand causality. As I have worked on this series, I have come to better understand my own personal history as an outgrowth of my ancestors.